Don’t ignore that snore!

Such people are prone to dozing off at the slightest instance. The most serious offshoot of this ailment is that victims of sleep apnea can forget to inhale and exhale in their sleep, and thus drop dead all of a sudden! Can it be cured? In 90% of the cases, where there is an obstruction to the airway, it can be cured completely. Surgery helps to open up and widen the airway, which was earlier collapsing partially or completely during sleep.
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Take Snoring Seriously, Visit the Doctor

Research If you have been ignoring your habit of snoring and feel sleepy all day even after a sound sleep of eight hours, you might need to be alert. Signs like snoring, fatigue and breathing with mouth may be the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, if not cured on time these problems can lead to severe health hazards. According to Dr. Kaushal Sheth, an ENT specialist, disease of sleep apnea develops because of airway collapse either partially or completely during sleep Due to airway collapse sometimes the oxygen levels in the blood tend to reduce. It not consulted with the doctor on time; the problem can even be fatal. Usually, people suffering from obesity tend to develop this disease more. Snoring is the first symptom of difficulty in breathing and various other problems keep developing with time because there is difficulty in inhaling and exhaling due to the excessive fat. No wonder, that as many as 80% of fat people suffer from the problem of sleep apnea. One might wonder, how could this problem be life threatening, but the fact is that with this problem there is more carbon oxide in body than oxygen, which in turn makes brain very inactive. Inactive brain is the cause of fatigue and tiredness all the time. People suffering from this disease may even forget to breathe while sleeping, inviting death all of sudden. The problem is completely curable if treated on time, sometimes even a surgery may be required to treat.
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Of snoring and smelly feet

The quality of Mercy

Then the man sitting directly in front of her turned around and looked at me through the gap at the side of his seat. He was sniffing the air like a bloodhound and looking directly at me. I smiled and inclined my head in the direction of young woman. I suspect he saw the sleeping beauty and was convinced I was responsible for the malodorous.
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